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Action Camera Mount Types for Snowboarding

Action cameras are one of the necessities of snowboarders and adventure lovers at present.  It is a very helpful tool that allows them to capture every moment of their ride and sharing their experience with other people, which is why many buy Go Pro or Contour Roam 2.

One of the most important accessories for action cameras are mounts. Not only does it provide the advantage of freeing the hands of the user, it also greatly increases the quality of the shots as well. A good example: a common trend mentioned in gropro2 vs gopro 3 articles is that even though the latter has more improved features; one can still get almost the same results if the user utilizes the right type of mount. There are basically three types of mounts that can be used for snowboarding: the goggles, helmet, and the head strap mounts.

Google mounts are mainly preferred by those who like to get point-of-view footages. Placed on either side of the rider’s goggles, they follow the line of sight of the wearer so everything is caught on film.

Helmet mounts, on the other hand, are used by those who are looking for cheaper and flexible mounts. They are strapped on the vents of the helmet and can be quickly released through a quick release mechanism.

Lastly, head strap mounts are for the riders who do not wear helmets and prefer using sunglasses instead of goggles. These mounts can be easily strapped around hats and beanies and can be easily removed as well.

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